Membrane separation and hydrogen extracting device
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Process principle:
    After the pretreatment, the raw material gas reached the requirement and enters into the membrane separator. The core part of the membrane separator is made up of thousands of hollow fiber tubes. After entering the membrane separator, the raw material gas flows along the outer surface of the fiber bundle, and when the gas is exposed to the hollow fiber membrane, the permeation, dissolution, diffusion and analysis process can be carried out. Because the hollow fiber membrane has a different selectivity to different gas, so as to achieve the purpose of separating gas. Such as: the permeation rate of hydrogen on the membrane surface is a few times of methane, nitrogen and argon gas, through the hollow fiber membrane, the hydrogen gas enters into the hollow fiber tube at a faster rate, and the hydrogen rich product is obtained at the side of the fiber core, named permeability gas. After collection, permeability gas discharged from the outlet, and the components of low diffusion rate retained in the raw material side, called non permeable gas or tail gas, discharged from the exhaust gas outlet of membrane separator.
    The hydrogen production method is particularly suitable for gas separation with raw material cleaning, high pressure and large difference in molecular diameter and material polarity in the mixture of raw materials, such as: ammonia air vented, methanol purge gas, ammonia purge, flash gas, decarbonization gas, and other industry. The membrane separation hydrogen extraction device can also be used in combination with the PSA device to meet the higher requirements of the hydrogen extraction solution of the user. 
    Membrane separation is a new separation technology which is rapidly rising after 1960s. Because of the ability of separation, concentration, purification and refining function, and high efficiency, energy saving, no pollution, no phase change, simple equipment, easy control, molecular filtration and filtration process simple and other characteristics, since the membrane separation technology was invented,  has become one of the 3 main types of gas separation technology (PSA separation, cryogenic separation, membrane separation).

    No moving parts, stable and reliable, low running costs, low maintenance costs
    Long life of the membrane core, usually up to more than ten years.
    The process has simple structure and small floor area.
    The recovery rate of effective components is high, the separation efficiency is excellent, and the energy saving and consumption reduction.
    Can operate under higher pressure, the pressure loss of raw gas is small, so that the pressure loss caused by the low pressure can be avoided.
    The whole set of device has the characteristics of less investment, easy disassembly and assembly, no wearing parts, simple control, strong combination and easy expansion.

Hydrogen yield: 200 ~ 20000Nm3 / h
Working pressure: 1.0 ~ 10.0MPa
Product gas purity: 90% to 99.5% (based on the raw gas case may be)
Hydrogen extraction rate: ≥90%

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