Hydrogen production equipment for natural gas
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Process principle:
    After desulfurization and pressure, the natural gas mixes with vapor and enter into gas heating type conversion furnace, Under the action of catalyst, the mixed gas cracking and reforming to generate a mixture of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other components. After recovering the heat and medium temperature transformation, the carbon monoxide in the mixed gas is further converted to hydrogen. Finally, the mixed gas is purified by PSA to obtain pure hydrogen and high purity hydrogen, the PSA desorption gas is recycled and is introduced into the furnace, which is burning with the fuel gas to provide the heat needed for the transformation.
Chemical reaction is as follows:
CH4 + H2O → 3H2 + CO-Q
CO + H2O → H2 + CO2 + Q

1.The device has the advantages of compact structure, full automatic control of PLC and convenient operation.;
2.The temperature, pressure and flow were monitored in the device to ensure the safe and stable operation of the device.;
3.Full use of PSA desorption gas, reduce the consumption of raw material gas burning;
4.High thermal efficiency, steam production self-sufficiency, without providing a steam source;

Hydrogen yield: 500 ~ 30000Nm3 / h
Pressure: 1.0 ~ 3.0MPa (special requirements can be customized)
Purity: ~ 99% in the range of 99.999% can be adjusted according
Flexible operation: 30% to 110%
Natural Gas Consumption: 0.42 ~ 0.48 Nm3 / Nm3H2

Process Description:
    The main procedure can be divided into 4 parts, desulfurization, inversion, transformation and pressure swing adsorption.
(1)desulfurization: Organic or inorganic sulfides are commonly found in natural gas. In the use of natural gas to produce hydrogen by means of steam reforming, because the raw gas will make the catalyst and catalyst poisoning, thus losing activity or carbon broken, therefore, must be carried out before the raw gas enters into the desulfurization treatment. Because the sulfur compounds in the raw gas can cause conversion catalyst and shift catalyst poisoning, thereby losing the activity or the breaking of carbon, therefore, the desulfurization process must be carried out before the raw material gas enters into the conversion process.
(2)inversion: After desulfurization, the mixture of natural gas and water vapor is mixed into the conversion furnace tube to generate hydrogen rich gas mixture.
(3)transformation: The hydrogen rich mixture of natural gas and steam has a certain amount of CO, therefore, the transformation is to convert the CO steam into CO2 and H2.
(4)PSA: PSA is the transformation of hydrogen rich mixed gas for hydrogen purification.

    The affiliate program consists of 2 parts, heat recovery and desorption gas recovery.
Heat recovery includes: (1)Conversion gas heat recovery. (2)Transformation gas heat recovery. (3)Flue gas heat recovery.
(1)Conversion gas heat recovery: The converted gas heat recovery is to send the high temperature gas mixture from the reformer into waste heat boiler. After the high temperature gas is cooled down, enter the conversion process, and at the same time, the steam of the boiler is produced.
(2)Transformation gas heat recovery is to put the mixture gas from the high temperature change reactor into all levels of heat exchanger, which can heated desalted water or produce steam.
(3)Flue gas heat recovery is to put the high temperature flue gas after combustion into the raw material gas preheater, steam preheater, air preheater, boiler water heater, so as to achieve the purpose of heat recovery. The flue gas after heat recovery is introduced into the atmosphere by the draught fan.
    Desorption gas recovery is to put the desorption gas from pressure swing adsorption return to the conversion furnace for fuel use.

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