Coal gasification hydrogen production device
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Process principle:
    Raw coal (coal, coal, anthracite and lignite), steam and oxygen (oxygen or air) chemical reaction in the gas furnaceand and generating water gas, Water gas by washing purification, electrostatic precipitation, atmospheric desulfurization, compression, transformation, fine desulfurization, and finally through the PSA hydrogen extraction, can be qualified hydrogen products. The hydrogen production method is suitable for the users with need large amount of hydrogen and convenient storage and transportation coals. Chemical reaction is as follows:
C + H2O → CO + H2 -Q
C + 2H2O → CO2 + 2H2 -Q
CO + H2O → CO2 + H2 + Q

1.Full set of equipment with PLC automatic control, easy to operate.
2.The temperature, pressure and flow were monitored in the device to ensure the safe and stable operation of the device;
3.PSA desorption gas enter into the recovery system of combustion, recycling of heat, reducing energy consumption.
4.High thermal efficiency, the normal operation of the steam production for self-sufficiency, no additional steam source;
5. gasification water closed loop recycling, to achieve zero emissions.

The amount of hydrogen product: 2000 ~ 50000Nm3 / h
Product gas pressure: 1.0 ~ 3.0MPa (special requirements can be customized)
Product gas purity: 99% in the range of 99.999% can be adjusted as needed
Flexible operation: 30% to 110%

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