Synthetic ammonia purge gas purification hydrogen device
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Process Description:
    All kinds of hydrogen rich gas, such as refinery gas, purge gas, water gas, pharmaceutical tail gas, according to the actual situation, pre treatment after compression. After removing the impurities which are not suitable for pressure swing adsorption treatment, the pressure swing adsorption purification is carried out, and the hydrogen gas is output. 
1.According to the actual situation to design a reasonable structure of the production process, reduce operating costs.
2.Selection of high quality control valve, high reliability.
3.the high degree of automation and unattended.
4.Reliable safety design to ensure operation and operation safety..
5.the device is highly integrated, delicate and beautiful.

Hydrogen yield: according to the actual situation
Pressure: According to user needs
Temperature: room temperature
Purity: 99% to 99.999% adjustable
Flexible operation: 50% to 110%

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