Coke oven gas hydrogen purification device
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Process Description:
    After increasing the pressure on coal gas compressor, coke oven gas removal of tar and hydrogen sulfide, and enter temperature swing adsorption tower, removal of impurities such as water, naphthalene, etc. and enter pressure swing adsorption system. After purification of PSA, hydrogen be removed residual oxygen by palladium catalyst to and moisture removal by the drying tower, and output of hydrogen production. The heat source of temperature swing adsorption tower comes from steam, the regeneration gas comes from the release gas of pressure swing adsorption tower, regenerated tail gas enters the gas pipe network.

1.Reasonable structure, energy saving and low operating cost.
2.Selection of high quality control valve, high reliability.
3.the high degree of automation and unattended.
4.Reliable safety design to ensure operation and operation safety..
5.the device is highly integrated, delicate and beautiful.

Product hydrogen yield: 100 ~ 100000Nm3 / h
Pressure: According to user needs
Temperature: room temperature
Purity: 99% to 99.999% adjustable
Flexible operation: 50% to 110%

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